American Behavioral Counseling, LLC

American Behavioral Counseling is a trusted counseling provider that offers hope to individuals, groups, couples and children in Central Indiana.

Our mission is to provide personalized counseling services that meet your individualized needs in a safe, comfortable and understanding environment.

Our professional counselors are trusted experts that can help you in a wide range of specialties, including substance abuse addictions, family therapy, couples or group therapy, depression, alcohol treatment, and anger management. We also offer Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) groups for adults with substance abuse dependencies.

Our goal is to invest the time it takes to get to know you, and to empower you with the right solution for you.

We offer counseling in a supportive and confidential setting at each of our convenient Central Indiana locations. Click here to find the location near you or to make an appointment.

“I have never felt more excited about my future because of ABC, LLC.”
— American Behavioral Counseling patient